The Arena

Start your Journey – Your Orientation to Move Forward

We provide the information, tools and questions for you to increase your awareness, clarify your goals and take action.

asking yourself:

  • How can I improve my personal awareness?
  • How can I establish a powerful, daily routine? What can I do to build my confidence?
  • I have goals and dreams but they are all over the place – what can I do to clarify these goals and dreams
  • What does it take to build resilience?
  • Is there a way to learn to have tough conversations?

do you ask:

  • How do I address conflict resolution effectively? Is staff retention really possible?
  • How can I build a positive workplace culture.
  • What is the best way for the business and employees to set and attain goals?
  • Is conducting professional development necessary & productive?
  • What is the best way to build effective leadership skills and communication?

We work with individuals and groups and customize the program to fit your needs.


Live zoom and live in person meetings. Meetings are recorded for your convenience.

The Arena utilizes:

  • personality profile
  • 360 survey
  • awareness exercises
  • meditating
  • goal setting
  • communication
  • resilience and vulnerability training
  • journaling

Enter The Arena for 5 days at no charge to see for yourself.
No obligation.

Experience how just 5 days of ideas and action can begin to improve areas of your personal and business life:

Do you have employees that: 

  • don’t show up on time, won’t participate in meetings, don’t get along with others, talk too much, complain constantly, have a tough time making decisions, don’t stay on task, need to be more assertive, won’t stand up for themselves

Do you find YOURSELF thinking:

  • I don’t like my job.  I can’t figure out what my next step is.  I seem to repeat the same mistakes.  I keep getting the same results. Should I go back to school? Why cant I get a promotion? I’m afraid to try something new.

Contact us to “Plant Seeds” for YOUR growth.  We will provide you with 7 days of “seeds” or actions for you to begin to build into your daily routine for personal and sustainable growth.


John Perles

Founder & CEO

Amy Guy

Co-founder & Therapist

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