Live "What Matters" to You!

The Arena is for those interested in growing personally and professionally.

Step 1: Be CURIOUS – Awareness of your current reality, including “What Matters” to you

Step 2: Be COURAGEOUS – Clarify your desired state: dreams, vision, calling

Step 3: Be COMMITTED – Take action to move toward your desired state, vision, calling

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John Perles

Founder & CEO
For 40 years I have been assisting individuals and companies expand their perspective and grow. I believe personal growth precedes professional growth and the structure we operate from determines performance. We all benefit when operating with dynamic knowledge and tools. In The Arena, we share the knowledge and tools for you to expand your awareness and create the structure you need to pursue, achieve and maintain what matters to you. The Arena will challenge you to be curious about yourself, courageous about your dreams and committed to taking action.

Amy Guy

Co-founder & Therapist
As a practicing therapist and owner of the Wellness Loft in Illinois, I have worked along side individuals for over 20 years with the hopes of helping people live a more examined, intentional, and joyful life. I approach working with others with a lens of curiosity and believe if we search inside ourselves with the right tools and people, we can find what we need to do everyday to bring us joy, contentment and fun to both work and home life. We are excited to share the Arena with others because we believe it can help everyone not only get on the right track but also STAY on the right track.

In The Arena, we help you live and recognize how PERSONAL growth is instrumental in positive, sustained growth PROFESSIONALLY.

We help you plant the seeds for growth.